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>>> Basic guide for newcomers! <<<
Newcomers often ask how to start here? Where can I hunt? How to kill rotworm's boss? In this short guide I will try to ask those and many other questions.

I'm not gonna split this guide betwen vocations, because on the very beginning your vocation doesn't matter. 

Oxenfurt is the city where you start your journey.

[Obrazek: 2yQ3gs9.png]

First thing, after your first log in, that you should do is talk to Chayenne in the temple. She will mark your minimap. After that take your steps to the training center. 

[Obrazek: rNgbxsf.png]
If you are a knight chose type of weapon that you will be using and the it in your hand, if you are a paladin take a stone in your hand and if you are a sorcerer or druid take a wand in your hand, attack target dummy and just wait.

Training system in this server is complicated. You need soul points to train. Every two minutes on trainers cost you a 1 soul point. You can renew your soul points by gaining exp. You renew 1 soul point in 2 minutes of gaining exp without promotion, and in 15 seconds with promotion. So as you can see your first goal is to get promoted Smile

After your first training session (which should take 200 minutes) you need to renew your soul points. I highly recommend to do tasks on the beginnings. Find Kip-San who is marked on your map and ask him for task.
[Obrazek: vbUGKDm.png]
[Obrazek: MkiwHAI.png]
Every task can be made three times and you can have maximum three tasks activated in same time. More about tasks you can read here.

Firstly I propose you to do three times a rotworm task. You can find rotworms in severs under Oxenfurt.
[Obrazek: rt2Vexx.png]
When you finish task, go to Kip-San and report it to him. As a reward you will often get money and addon boxes. More about addon boxes you can read here.
From killing monsters you should collect gold coins and creature products (which Kip-San can buy from you). Remember than Kip-San buys creature products that are worth maximum 100 gold coins per each. More expensive creature products can be sold to Infernal, Kaylein and ??????.  Also some of specific creature products are only tradeable to certains NPCs.

As a reward you also get a chance to face a boss. Boss arena is located in the same place as a training center. Talk to Battlemaster and chose a boss you want to face, then just walk into a teleport.
[Obrazek: wh3t8qO.png]
[Obrazek: vnIimNq.png]
Ops. As you can see you cant face a boss. To be able to enter the teleport you need to do a favor for Leia located in Kaer Morhen. If you want to face a boss take your steps to the harbour. Find Captain  Max and ask him for travel to Kaer Morhen. 
[Obrazek: LOpLeLU.png]
You can also use underground railway. It is located under depot.
[Obrazek: NT3LyYV.png]

This is Kaer Morhen. On the map I marked Temple (1), Depot (2), NPC Leia (3), Magic Shop (4).
[Obrazek: kBO7GC2.png]

Find NPC Leia and talk to her. She will ask you for help. It is always a task to kill some monsters. This task is called by players daily task. You can make one every day. 

[Obrazek: CCCS030.png]
[Obrazek: bVJbRVn.png]

As a reward you get money. The money you get and monsters to kill depend to your level. The lower level you have, the monsters are weaker but reward is smaller. When you finish the task go to Leia and report it to her. Now you can fight against bosses until the next server save. I strongly advice to collect more bosses to kill before you will do daily task.

Remember that bosses are usually twice as powerful as their normal creature counterpart so beware, especially when you are mage.

After finishing three rotworm tasks you should take next ones. I propose to do dwarf tasks. You can find dwarfs here south-west from Oxenfurt. Exacly here:
[Obrazek: 7nCMwFt.png]

I believe after finishing three rotworm tasks, and three dwarfs tasks you should've collected at least 10k gp and 20lvl. This is the time to do Dungeon Quest (a version of global's Desert Quest). To do it you need to gather a four-vocation team. A 20lvl knight, 20lvl druid, 20lvl sorcerer and 20lvl paladin. Every one of them need to take a special item. For knight it is a sword, for druid an apple, for sorcerer a spellbook, and for paladin a crossbow. 

Start next to Depot, enter severs, and follow the road:
[Obrazek: rb15EB5.png]

When you get downstairs you may face Orc Berserker.

[Obrazek: iMwwuv4.png]

Go north-east. There is also chest with Plate Armor.

[Obrazek: nT7msNb.png]

Then go downstairs. Warning. You will need to fight against Dragon.

[Obrazek: WlTJXMU.png]

After that ener the teleport.

[Obrazek: JdfXwhH.png]

Warning. You will be teleported to room with 2 Fire Elementals. After killing them go north-west to te quest room. Unfortunetly I'm not able to show you this part of road because I've alredy done this quest and I cannot enter it second time.
As a reward you get 10k gp, Ring of Healing, Ankh, Protection Amulet and Magic Lightwand.

After that you should be able to buy promotion. The promotion you can buy from King Edrond.

[Obrazek: TrJLd3c.png]
[Obrazek: jGTfiUG.png]

Now your soul points renew much faster. Every time when you have soul points you should go to the training center and just train.

I still recommend to focus on tasks. Why? Cuz you are getting free money and exp for doing them. There is place when you can choose. I recommend for mages and paladins to do Tarantulas or Cyclops tasks. Both Tarantulas and Cyclops drop much money and are easy to kill. Unfortunetly they also deal high damage, so as a knight you may not be able to hunt them.

To find Cyclops go south-west from Oxenfurt.
[Obrazek: be0ppCm.png]

To find Tarantulas you need to sail to Ankara Bay. Then go north. I marked cave by the circle. You need shovel to get there.
[Obrazek: IckCjxD.png]

Tarantulas boss – The Hide can drop really nice stuff like knight set, terra set items or spider silks.

As a knight you should probably try to do some Goblin tasks or Minotaur tasks.
Goblins you can find south-east from Oxenfurt:
[Obrazek: PGKKby1.png]

Minotaurs are also south-east from Oxen, but much closer:
[Obrazek: RlUiZG0.png]

I hope that I helped you at the beginnigs. Now you have basic knowledge about serwer, your character is mid-level and you are ready to explore.

Have fun Smile

Big thanks for player Rybka (AKA Pan Ryba) for writing this guide!

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