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exp rate & stamina
One of the reasons why cipsoft implemented stamina is because ppl were botting 24/7. but since we have a strong administration here, and there is no rly room for botting why not just lock stamina on 42 hours?

Many ppl have to logout becuase you want to hunt only when stamina is green and that leads to less people online.

so my suggestion is:

1. Lock stamina on green. (always exp bonus on)
2. higher the exp rate from lvl 1 to lvl 100.
3. i think the amount of monsters we need to kill for tasks takes too long and boring. no one wants to finish 1 task per day. so i suggest cutting down on kill counts. maybe something like if task needs 300 kills or more cut it down by -100.

i am just giving feedback, you might agree or disagree but i would like to hear ur reasoning behind ur decision.
1. disagree- this is too late, and we its not designed to fight bots as you have said
2. name tasks that in your opinion take too much time
all tasks for mid lvls that are 300+ tbh.

Banshees, heroes, giant spiders, dragons, dls, etc.

Also, no one is ever going to bother doing the pirates task cuz it costs too much stamina and time for not much exp.

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