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Progress is beeing made on Erpegia!
Hello id like to suggest you to add another
Training floor in the trainers the reason for this would be that the last couple of days we have had quite a few new players that start playing and just to complain to say they never find a training spot becuz they are all occupied by other players therefore with the server growing i think its time to make the training area abit larger and introduce another floor id like to hear from the community regarding this topic.

/ Gamla Bettan
I am against this idea- there are more ways to train. Limited place makes them more attractive and empowers trade
In order to make it more attractive then would u consider boosting the benefits of skilling outside offline training/ training area? At this point there is no point to train on players or monster due it wont be 100% training and u have the risk of dieing/ paying the food

A paladin need blood spark hits every time to gain effiecent skilling that cannot be uphold outside the training area and a knight needs to blood every so often to make them gain percentage.
My suggestion is: I can make separate rooms for low level players (max 10 lvl). And boosting skilling in non-dummys training is good idea. We will consider that.
Just trying to help the newcomers so we can make the server grow and enjoy the server we all enjoy so much.
I have added new level with 5 trainers. Will be available only for players up to level 10. And using MC here is prohibited.

Will be on next SS : )

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