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Paladin's weapons + imbuements
Hi! I am struggling to go get any bow for lvl 50+, was hunting Wyrms for a few days already and there is no composite hornbow, I think you guys should do something about it. Many paladins on this server but no weapons at all! It's just too hard to get it !!! As we have imbuements working on this server I need a bow/xbow while I have to use enchanted spears all the time (I cannot add any imbuements to spears ofc). 

What is more, there is 3rd level imbuement for the critical strike - all that you need is: 25 protection charm, 20 sabretooth, and 5 VEXCLAW TALONS. You cannot obtain vexclaw talons on this ots so either make it as a loot from some of the existing monsters or change it for any other item u can obtain from monsters.

People, please comment on this proposition!
Lvl3 imbuement needs a very hard quest to be done.

Lvl2 also requires quest.

Please check Changes to the balance on the main server page.

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