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[Couple Suggestions]
Hey Ive been playing this OT for a few weeks now and I've gotta say I'm definitely enjoying it. I do however have a couple of suggestions, of course, I expect some to disagree with me, but they are simply suggestions/opinions.

1) Double Conjuring

This suggestion is pretty self explanatory, What I would love to see is simply that, double conjuring, ex: Paladins usually make 5 bolts with "Exevo Con Mort". It would be interesting if instead it made 10. It would be the same for runes of course. I used to play an OT that had this, pretty serious as this one and I found with this implementation, the community was more "alive" Players were selling runes/ammo instead of just going to the NPC's and buying them

2) Safe Zone Mana/HP Regen

This was one of the features that I loved when real tibia implemented it. Also pretty self explanatory.
1) runes made on mana potions would be cheaper than shop's offer.

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