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Wand of darkness
Proponuję zmienić długość trwania wod do 15minut albo zmniejszyć cooldown na tworzenie do 20 minut, tak aby można było używać różdżki przez 50% czasu expienia.

I propose to change usage time of wand of darkness to 15minutes instead of 10 or change cooldown from 30 to 20minutes. In this way we could use the wand for 50% of the hunting time.

Mana cost can be even increased twice with one of those changes.
I disagree, but maybe hafexo ?
Already talked with you ingame
But for others - CD is 25m not 30. And we can't add charges system to wand with duration time. Also sorcerer have boosted +10% DMG here.

So not gonna happen
Moim zdaniem jest dobrze bo i tak to jest op. 10min wanda co 25min jest dobre i nie ma co zmieniac
I agree, you're in the middle of the war and have the possibility to use only 10 minutes instead of 15 as normal,

In the same way that it increased by 10% damage of sorcerer, does not mean anything because the druids increased 12% of their healing spell, paladin has many weapons bolts and arrows edited with lvl and atk's and% of different hits of tibia rl.

an example I conjure my wand of darkness to kill someone until I can kill goes for 2 ~~ 3minutes or more, then the guy dies and reunites his team and returns to war, that's if it's gone a few more minutes, buff soon because 10 min is already happening, if I had 15 minutes I would have a better fight in pvp for the second battle

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