Ankieta: Imbuing wands and rods for critical damage?
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Wand imbuing
I want to ask what you think (players and administration) about adding posibility to imbue wands and rods for critical damage.
I know that it is impossible on rl tibia, but it is not real tibia and this is why i play here. Discus.

I don't think its fair that only knights and paladins can use that. Ofc mages can imbue swords etc. but it have only sense when you deal aoe damage. For single target the wand is still better that imbued sword (because we can only imbue for basic level).
There is wand of mayhem already
And cost 60 gold tokens?
Nice try to obtain it for more than 1 or 2ppl on serwer
Yea the gold tokens only from task bosses is fucked up.
You should add survival arena or something to farm them up :/
Yeah I do agree that it is REALLY hard to farm them, and there should be another way to obtain gold tokens
I don't agree you can use bright sword or something like that for critical damage :v
So why as a knight you use magic sword not composite hornbow or something like that?
For me its fucked up, i can understand rl tibia reasons cuz: wand with 3rd level of imbuing would be little too op for 42lvl sorc/druid (here 99,9999999999% ppl will ever use only 1 stage of imbuing) and there are special wands on rl tibia (like mayhem, but here any sorcerer or druid will never have that).

You say i can imbue mele weapon?

15:45 You see a life preserver (Atk:27, Def:19 +2).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 15 or higher.
Imbuements: (Basic Strike 20:00h, Free Slot).
It weighs 46.00 oz.

I can't cuz some ekhm ekhm idiot make it only for knights. No coments. I didn't even check before imbue, cuz i didn't expect that sb could do it.
You can't use all weapons :v but you can use bright sword/magic sword
If some weapon should be available for everyone not only knight just repprt it....

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