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Bio: Our History
Biggest manufacturer in China for Cargo Control products since 1989.
Our Factory
Over 25 years manufacturing experience, total more than 800 workers, have own steel trading factory, webbing factory, hardware factory and surface electroplating factory, everything produced by ourselves offer customer reliable quality and competitive prices. Landing capital market in year 2016, stock code 837257.
Our Product
Cargo Control products including ratchet tiedown, sling, winch, cargo bar, chain and all kinds of hardware accessories.
Product Application
Make transportation easier and safer. Widely used for logistics cargos, car transportation and lifting application for equipments.
Our Certificate
Member of WSTDA, ISO9001, ISO140001, OHSAS18001 certified, most products with GS certificates, National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise.
Production Equipment
Webbing weaving, sewing, dying and printing, hardware stamping, forging, casting and milling, different surface treatment like powder coating, electroplating, electrophoresis and dacromet.
Production Market
Main market North America and Europe, in year 2016, total sales 5 million ratchet straps over the world.China Fitting suppliers
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