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Bio: SCDH Series Vertical Steel Plate And Steel Beam Lifting clamps With Safety Lock

Working load limit(WLL): 1-5T
1.Standard design clamp for vertical lifting of steel plates and steel structures.
2.The spring-loaded tightening lock mechanism assures a positive initial clamping force.
3.Clamps are equipped with a safety mechanism, ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when load is being lowered.
4.The main body and the shackle are made of die-forged special alloy steel, which are optimally tempered for maximum strength and durability.
5.High-frequency quenching of die-forged special alloy steels gives greater durability to the cam.
Technical Parameters
Model WLL.(T) Jaw opening (mm) Weight(KG)
SCDH1T 1.0 0-22 4.3
SCDH2T 2.0 0-32 7.2
SCDH3T 3.0 0-36 10.7
SCDH5T 5.0 0-50 17.3 custom Vertical lifting tongs
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